How does the Internet work? Basic explained in 2020.

In 2020 we use the Internet everywhere, every minute and without the internet, we are unable to do our works. How does the internet work? Many people are addicted to the use of the internet. The Internet is the most consumed thing in 2020. But have you ever questioned about How the internet works? How does the internet work? So in this article, we are going to learn about how does the internet works? First of all, we see What is the internet? A short history of the internet. We know in 2020 the Internet is important as oxygen, without the internet you are not able to do any works. The internet is the most essential and important thing in 2020.

What is the Internet?

How does the internet work?
How does the internet works?

How does the intenet works?

We use the internet in every activity on our browser. The internet is acting like a car and your data is like an oil to run the internet. In 2020 the internet Is the most important factor. Nearly all businesses in the world are using the internet to provide their services. Every activity on the internet requires data and a network to function correctly. Now we look at the answer Of what is internet? How does the internet work?

The internet is a massive network of computers which are connected together. It is a general definition of the internet let understand What is the internet? In brief. I take a simple example so you can understand simply what is internet? Ok, let’s consider you are a computer and your friends is also a computer and you both are 5 km away from each other.

If you have to talk with a friend you need a medium though which you can easily talk to your friend so you and your friend decided that you both make a wire between both of you. Now you both can easily talk. Let’s understand by a real computer network. To connect two or more different computer we create a medium though which all the computers can easily connect with each other. We call this medium as optic fiber cable.

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Two or more computers are connected through a fiber cable and all data are passed through this cable and these are called as the internet. In this word, we connect all computers through these cables and called the internet. I think you understand what is internet? Now we try to clear How does the Internet work?

How does the Internet work?

In earlier, we discuss about what is internet? Now you have a basic understanding of the internet and optic fiber cable. Let’s discuss How does the Internet work?

The total internet works upon data. Data is the most important factor for the internet. You understand better so we divided into steps.

Step1: All computer connected though optic fibre cable.

Step2: When a user visits any site, the computer request to send data about that site to another computer on which the site is hosted. E.g When you visit your device made requests to Google’s server to send data or information. This data when sent by Google’s server is called downloading. When you open google, your device sent your internet provider a request. The local area internet provider then forwarded the request to the local router via cable.

This message was received and sent to another cable, then sent to another cable and another cable in one optic fiber cable line, until the information was transmitted through one of the cables in the United States. Ultimately the request is received by google’s server and the server sends data. Again this data is also transferred through optic fiber cable and reach your device. Your device now decodes this data and shows you a page.

Step3: Your browser now decodes this data and show you result.

The conclusion of the above discussion is that data is shared between two computers through an optic fiber cable. When a device requests any data is called downloading and when shared any data is called uploading.

Optic Cable

Optic fibre cable

This play the most important role in How does the internet work? This cable is tiny as your hair. These cables connect all computers to one another.

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We discuss How does the internet work? Two or more computers connected by a optic fibre cable and all information is transferred through this cable. The Internet is simply a series of computers that transfer data to each other over wires, cables and radio signals. The Internet has changed our entire lives. We are able to connect, exchange and gain knowledge, and more, instantly, from anywhere on the globe. Yet when surfing the Internet, answering emails and watching videos – have you ever questioned how the Internet works? This is complicated, so we put together a quick and easy explanation. The above explanation is not so deep but with this you can understand how does the internet works?

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