How to create a website in 2020? And make money online.

The internet is the most important thing in this century. The internet is open-source of knowledge, you find everything on the internet. In this post, we are sharing an easy guide on How to create a website?& Make money online. Creating a website is one of the greatest experiences. It is a combination of creativity, technology, and service. Below are steps by steps guide for how to create a website?

How to create a website
How to create a website?

The internet is like a sea and your website is a fish that float under this network of the sea. In this post, I only mention basic tips and basic guides, I am not going to teach you anything about web development. A website is a set of pages that may be informative, instructive, or for a business. Building a website is a dream for kids and teens.

Now a day make money online is not hard if you have all ways to earn money online. In this post, I shared a basic guide about How to create a website? And make money. To create a website and earn money, you don’t need any degree or qualification. Anyone who has enough ideas about computers and the internet can create a website and earn money online.

Make money online is very hard onetime but now thanks to bloggers it very easy now. Nowadays on the internet, you find lots of articles and ways to make money online. How to create a website? Is one of the ways.

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How to create a website?

To create a website it is not an easy job in the past, you have to learn web development and different markup language( like Html, CSS, javascript, etc). But now anyone can create a website using different software and tools available on the internet for free. You can create a professional website in just -5-10 minutes. I will explain to you step by step so you can understand better.

Before you create a website.

First of all, make a note of why you want to create a website? What is the purpose of creating a website? If you find out answers to all question let discuss the basic guide.

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Think creative( how your website look?)

 Step 1) Create your own website.

To create a website you must have a basic understanding of the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Jquery, etc. You have to learn to code and you don’t want you can take help from the following options.

1] Hire a developer: You can hire a web developer that create a site for you.

2]Create a blog: There are many options you can use like WordPress, Blogspot, Joomla, etc

Most important you don’t need any coding knowledge to create a website. You can follow these above steps to create a website.

If you thinking about WordPress, it is very useful and you can create a professional website. Another benefit of WordPress is you can control your whole site and make changes you want. You have to invest in using WordPress. You have to buy a hosting service and a domain for your website. It may cost some money but you can create a professional and fully responsive website. is also another free alternative of WordPress.

There are many free and paid alternatives that help you to create a website.

How to create a website? And make money is most searched by kids and teens. Now you have a basic idea about creating a site. There are also other factors that you think about.

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2) Think about topic and Target

Choosing a topic and target are the most important factors that run your site. Let assume you successfully created a website but not choose a topic so what you put on your site. If nobody visits your site then How you make money? For that, you have to choose a topic.

1] Website topic

How to create a website? Now you have a basic idea about this question but what if you do not have any idea or topic to post on your site? It is very important. In other words, select the niche of your site. When you created a website you have to select a niche. What did you post on your site? What is the topic of your site?

There are many niche or topic you choose any one.

2] Target audience

You created a website and post content related to your niche now you have an audience that read your content. You can get traffic from social media, your friends, your relatives, etc You can invite them to visit a website. The most important factor is the quality of your content. People like to visit your site if you have quality content.

Now you have a basic idea about How to create a website? Create a website, select niche, generate traffic, and start earning money it easy now. This article is a basic idea and we discuss the basics of creating a website.

Earn Money With Your Website

You can earn money with your website by showing ads or affiliate marketing. There are many ways to earn money with your website.

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How to create a website? And earn money online these two topics are the easiest method to generate a passive income online. Now a day anyone can make their website and start earning money without any investment. I write this article in consideration with the reader had no idea about a How to create a website? I hope you like it and don’t forget you give your opinion. If you find any mistake in this article please contact me. Feedback and queries are always welcome. Thank you for reading this please shared with your friends and family.

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