How to Protect From Hackers in 2020?

In this modern world technology is at peak, everyone has a smartphone or we can say connected to the internet. On a daily basis new technologies are discovered. The most important thing in this world is the internet. The internet is like oxygen in this modern world. So in this article I shared my own personal tip about How to protect from hackers in 2020? I hope this may be really helpful. The growth of internet and internet users are very fast. In India after 2016 the internet users are growing very fast.

As we are developing, more people are starting to consume internet data. But the negative side of this growth is that the cyber attacks, spammers and hackers increased in past years. Many people lost their money online. The number of hackers have also increased in recent days. It is now very important to know how we can be safe from these hackers. In this article I mentioned 6 ways by which anyone can be safe on the internet. 

How to protect from hackers

How To Protect From Hackers?

1. Don’t access your private data when you are connected to public Wifi

In India many internet users are very hungry for internet data and whenever they see public wifi they connect it without much thinking. Some of them use payment apps while connected to public wifi and this may cause trouble to them later. Hackers use this public wifi as their source of income. Hackers may access your private data by creating a connection between your phone and website and you aren’t aware about this. This is called the MAN IN MIDDLE framework. In past years this has increased much faster, from next time you do not access your private data when you are connected to public wifi. 

2. Always turn off anything you don’t required

I see people often forget to turn off bluetooth and wifi in their smartphone in public. It is not good for your private data. It is always recommended that you always turn off bluetooth, hotspot, wifi and location when you do not use them. There is a chance hackers may connect your bluetooth and steal your data. Always remember to turn off all these things when you do not use them.

3. Do not download apps from unverified websites

It is not good for you and your smartphone to download and install apps from unverified sources. These apps may have malwares that damage your smartphone. Always install new apps from play store or from Apple App store. Also do not forget to update apps. 

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4. Always use a long password

You should never use your name as your password or simple words like “1234” or “Password”. Always use strong more than 8 letter passwords. Your password must be a combination of numbers, letters and symbols. Try to remember it without writing anywhere. Many people have a habit of saving their password, always trying to remember instead of saving password. This is the most important tip: How to protect from hackers?

5. Always verify this website you visit.

Nowadays hackers are creating clones of websites and sending them to victims. The victim thinks it is real and gives them their login id and password. For eg. it is real and it is fake. 

It is important to check the correct spelling of websites. This method is called phishing. Whenever you visit a new website always check this type of lock icon. If it is not there it means the hackers can see your data. 

6. Erase History

Try to erase your browsing history in 3 to 4 days or once in a week. The Websites are using cookies and these cookies may contain your valuable information. 

These are my tricks that I use to Protect From Hackers. Data is new oil in today’s world. Your data is extremely important for marketing. With the above trick you can also follow the mentioned technique. 

  • Don’t save your card 
  • Always use two-step verification
  • Avoid visiting unverified websites
  • Do not install apps from unverified sources
  • Try to keep you apps updated 
  • Also your phone too(Updated)
  • Always check spelling of websites
  • Use anti-virus in your pc or in your phone
  • Do not give your card details to unverified websites
  • Use incognito mode if you visiting a new websites

I think this may be helpful. Now I hope How protect from hackers? You know the answers.

The above are my What about yours please let me know in the comments. I hope you like How to protect from hacker?

Thanks for reading. 

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