Top 5 Apps That Pay: Best Money Making Apps

This article is all about apps that pay real money. In this article we list the Best money making apps. You can make money by completing surveys, watching ads. Best money making apps. Every person in this world wants money. Making money online is not an easy task. In the previous article, we discuss the best way to make money online but in that post, we not talked so much about android. So in this article, we see the best money making apps that make you rich. We are going to see only apps that pay.

Top 5 apps that pay
App that pay

As you know Android is the most popular operating system and the majority of populations are using android. The most important feature of any android phone is you can install any app you want. In the next paragraph, we share the apps that pay you real money. Now many people think it is possible to earn money by android apps or apps that pay are really exist the simple answer is yes! You can make money by android apps.

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Why android apps pay money?

Top apps that pay real money

Many people now started thinking about why their apps pay you money? Your question is very good, most apps that pay are marketing any product or make money by survey or make money by ads. These apps share some % with users. The most important question is How these apps make money? So as we see above apps that pay you real money are totally depend upon users that use the apps.

These apps conduct surveys so users take the survey and these apps also force users to install another app from the play store. All these are promotional or marketing scheme. The total earned money shared with users. So now you understand how these apps make money? If you want to make money online with your android phone just follow this steps:

  • Step1: Go play store, download and install following apps
  • Step2: Do all activities Like watch ads, download and install apps, complete surveys and etc.
  • Step3: Earn credits and withdraw into your account.

It is easy to earn money from android apps but not easy to find out apps that pay you real money. We find out these apps that pay you real money. Just install these apps and start earning a lot of money. You can make money by these apps but you need to put your time and do some hard work.

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Top 5 apps that pay

These apps are the best in my opinion. Please note when any below-mentioned apps conduct a survey and ask you personal information, please don’t share any of your information. As I said earlier it is hard to find out apps that pay but mention not we did this for you so sit back and enjoy!



Earn real cash to complete simple tasks with CashApp. Watching videos, testing apps free, completing surveys, giving opinions, providing services, and a lot more options to earn money. These are the best apps that pay for your work. In these apps, you have to complete a task and earn credits and after that, you can redeem your credits with PayPal. This apps is best and most rated on play store.




This is another app that pays you lots of money. This app claim that you can take payment as your second salary. In this app, you have to just complete a survey and get paid. This app is also popular and most rated on google play store.

How does it work?

  • 1. Register with Poll Pay
  • 2. Participate in surveys to get and increase your balance.
  • 3. Exchange your balance for PayPal credits, Amazon vouchers, and many other voucher cards.
  • 4. Benefit from daily new surveys

Download now PollPay

3)Money Apps

Money apps

This is another famous app that pays and top-rated app that pay on google play store. In this app you can money by completing surveys, test new apps, complete tasks, watch videos, and many other ways. This app is very good the main important feature of this app is that you can withdraw your money directly to your PayPal account.


  • 1) Complete tasks to accumulate credit rewards.
  • 2) Redeem your credits for cash via PayPal. (more options coming soon)
  • 3) Get paid in 2-3 working days.




This is also the best apps that pay but this app is completely different from other apps. This app asks you about anything and anywhere like what are you doing? Which technology did you use today? Which site did you visit today? You can use this app like chatting with others.

How it works:

  • – Download app. Create an Account. Become a bee.
  • – A look at the stories available to you
  • – It usually takes 2–5 minutes to complete a story, which includes anything from Quick Opinion Polls to funny photo and video responses.
  • – And don’t forget, depending on the story you can pay up to $ 5 or even be entered into a prize draw. Payments are sent directly to your PayPal account – simple!


5)Google Opinion Reward

I think you also know about these apps. These are the most popular and more reputed apps that pay. This app is made by Google to conduct surveys. When you visit any new location like malls, cinema, etc you get surveys about that mall if you complete surveys you get paid. You cannot withdraw payment directly into your account but you can use this amount to purchase apps, books, songs on google play store.


Make money with your android is not hard now anyone can earn money by these apps. These are the best apps that pay you real money but please do not share your personal information in the survey.

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