What is processor? How does it work?Explained

In this century smartphones and computers are an essential part of life. The people who live in this century must require a smartphone or computer. The majority of businesses are using computers and the internet. The computer is widely used in this century like in banks, ATMs, cinema halls, public places and etc Even your smartphone is also a computer. But the main factor by which computer and smartphone run is a processor. So now in this post, we are learning What is processor? And How does it works?

What is processor
What is processor?

What is processor? Whenever I think about the computer a simple chip comes in my mind. The computer is never running with the processor.

Do you know? The processor control and handle all the activity on the computer. The computer totally depends upon the processor for any output. There are two aspects of the computer, the first one is software and the other is hardware. The processor manages and controls all activity of the software. In this post, we are looking at what is processor? How does processor work? And what is CPU? I try my best to explain to you in very simple language and make sure you not getting bored.

The central processing unit is the mind of any computer which controls all activity and processes. Typically it is hardware which handle all activity and calculation very fast. When the CPU gets any input it processes all input and calculates and then shows the result.

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What is processor?

The processor is a very main part of any computer. We can call this a mind or brain of the computer. The processor has information about all activity that runs on a computer or we can say that it controls all activity. That’s why we called it the mind or brain of the computer. The processor can handle or control trillions of calculation in a microsecond. It is an important part that understands all the interpretations between the hardware and the software and on that basis, it made a result or output.  You find the processor inside all digital devices like Mobile, Tablets, Computer, Laptops, Digital watches, etc. We can also call CPU instead or a processor.

Metallic pins

The processor is a vital part of the computer. It is a square-shaped small chip, from which a very small metallic rounded connector arises. This connector helps to establish a connection between the processor and the socket.

I hope now you understand what is processor?

History of Processor.

In the year 1971, the Intel invented the first processor. The name of the first processor is Intel 4004 Microprocessor. They design the processor in the way that they embed other processing functions like memory, Input, and output control in the single chip. The processor and new technology are invented with time. The processor is getting more powerful with time.

How does the Processor work?

Now we know about What is processor? In this paragraph, we see How does the Processor work? The design of any processor is very complex and it totally depends upon the companies (That made processor). The design of the processor varies from company to company. There is two biggest processor manufacture in the market now The Intel Corporation and the Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (AMD).  These two companies always try to increase the performance and decrease the cost and power consumption of the processor.

Any processor has gone through the four processes to work and runs perfectly. Even their architecture deferent. What is processor?

The process are fetch, decode, execute and write-back. We will learn all them.


It means bringing something. In this process, instruction or piece of data is load from memory to CPU. The processor has one area called the Program counter which indicates the processor when star first instruction and then start the next instruction. There are the different meanings of fetch but just remember to work processor the processing load in CPU from memory.

2) Decode

When the instruction is fetched the next part is to decode. The processor decodes all the instruction and start act accordingly.

 3) Execute

In this process, the processor has to decide what should do? The processor executes according to the instruction.

4) Writeback

In this process the processor place above works in memory. It depends on which application is currently running.

These are the main Instruction cycle in any processor. Let understand it by example

When you try to reduce the brightness it means you giving an instruction to your system. The instruction is now fetched inside the processor and the processor decodes this instruction and executes it according to your instruction. Now the brightness is reduced. Let me understand it step by step.

  • Step1) User give instruction to the system
  • Step2) The software understand this instruction and supply it to the hardware
  • Step3) The hardware (motherboard) fetched this instruction to the processor
  • Step4) Instruction is decoded by the processor and it executes it.
  • Step5) The hardware and software understand this result and act according to.

In next post we discuss other topic related to the processor.


The processor is getting more powerful and consume less power with new invention. The companies are totally focused on manufacturing more powerful processor.

I hope you understand What is processor and How does the processor work? I try to understand you in very simple language. I request you to share this valuable information with your friends and family.

I always try to explain the concept in simple language and help my reader in every way. If you have a doubt please ask me, I try to explain it to you. I hope you don’t have any doubts regarding what is processor and How does the processor work? Thank you for reading. Enjoy!

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